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/e/ experience Have you tried /e/ on your device? You tried our first beta instead of watching the Apple Keynote? Share your experience with the world! Talk about yourself, say why you like the project, why it’s important to have it succeed… and we will relay! How to proceed? Read the following: GitLab Testimonies · Wiki · e / wiki / en GitLab Enterprise Edition /e/ in the News & Blogs With /e/ gaining popularity, it is getting attention from the medias. Post here as topics articles or videos talking about /e/. All languages allowed for worldwide coverage, constructive comments to articles are welcome. Be part of /e/ Join /e/ project from contributing as developer, translator or technical writer to being an active supporter towards the world. Also help us fuelling the adventure through crowdfunding or donation. Data Privacy Data Privacy has been fuelling /e/ vision from day #1. This category is the place to exchange views and constructive opinions on data privacy facts and around related articles posted in this section. Tech News Technology related news from around can be posted here. Posts on the latest FOSS releases and updates all can be found or added here Announcements This category features latest news from /e/ - my data is MY data https://e.foundation. As such it is a read-only section.
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