0.20 is a disaster for GS290 if on Three UK

Sorry to post here and for the drama but 0.20 has made the GS290 not workable as a phone. The basic functionality of the Internet and Email is constantly breaking between LAN and WAN and Access Point names seem to randomly switch.
I have posted this on the Wiki and on the dedicated GS290 forum but I’m posting this here because it’s been a few weeks now and it’s urgent!

As this is a purchase-able phone from /e/ surely there must be a fix by now?



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Could this be a specific issue with or your hardware, or WiFi configuration?

I didn’t experience any trouble on Gigaset GS290 running on 0.20-q

I’m not the only one- check the GS290 thread…but yes it could be hardware or service provider related I guess. I’m with Three in the UK.
0.18 was perfect, no problems. This started at 0.19 so I quickly upgraded to 0.20 and it all went bad :slight_smile:

OK I should qualify the thread title- “if on Three UK” …apologies

I have a Gigaset GS290 AND just updated to 0.21. I am on 3 network in UK and have lost access to mobile data. I notice this thread doesn’t seem to have any advice or fixes. Are there any known issues with updates on the Gigaset or 3 network?

I have tried restarting and complete power-off, but no success. Of course the phone cannot work as a hotspot now.

Can I alter settings? I have tried turning mobile data off, then on again. Anything else worth trying. Can I revert to a previous software version? If so, how?

Hi Steve
Yes you have to redo the APN settings as in my other post?

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