0.23 upgrade encrypted my partition


I just started the upgrade process to /e/ 0.23 on my Samsung S9 and I saw when first rebooted the process was encrypting my partition.

Next reboot now requires me a password that I don’t have since I never requested any encryption.

How could I get back control on phone ?




je viens de réaliser la mise à jour de mon Samsung S9 vers /e/ 0.23.
Après le premier ‘reboot’ (en cours de mise à jour), je vois que mon téléphone est en cours de chiffrement…
Au reboot suivant (toujours dans le cadre de la mise à jour), il me demande un mot de passe :frowning: dont je ne dispose pas bien entendu, n’ayant jamais demandé aucun chiffrement.

Y a-t-il moyen de se sortir de ce mauvais pas ? et surtout de comprendre pourquoi cette maj a effectué un chiffrement non sollicité?



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Most probably this has nothing to do with 0.23, but with the underlying major Android version.
Encryption is mandatory by default since Android 10, so what you describe would match what an upgrade from an older major Android version to Android 10 does. (Also observed here for example … Samsung S9 encrypted after OTA update)

At which point are you prompted for the password?
Is it by chance the TWRP recovery prompting for the password? Or is it /e/OS prompting for it after booting?

Hallo AnotherElk,

you were right suspecting TWRP recovery prompted the password.
I reinstalled /e/ since; I wasl curious to understand why I got this password request from TWRP

I just selected the 0.23 OS upgrade from the /e/ Android 8 running on the phone (there was no mention of Android 10 on the 0.23 update package).

I also had a look to the link you provided and confirm I installed the no-verity-opt-encrypt.zip package on the new system (however I don’t remember I installed it during the initial installation 1 year ago).
I can now enter TWRP without being prompted for any password.

Anyway thank you for your answer AnotherElk
Vielen Dank! Shüß