128 Go + 20 Go = 148 Go

Hello, I bought a Galaxy S9 + with / e / preinstalled, so I have 20 GB on ecloud. I just subscribe (September 21) for a formula ecloud to 128 GB. If I calculate 20 GB + 128 GB I will have to have 148 GB on Ecloud. Could you solve this problem, thanks in advance.

j’ai acheté un Galaxy S9+ avec / e / préinstallé, Je dispose donc de 20 Go sur ecloud.
je viens de souscrire ( le 21 septembre ) pour une formule ecloud à 128 Go.
Si je calcule 20 Go + 128 Go je devrai avoir 148 Go sur Ecloud.
Pourriez-vous résoudre ce problème, merci d’avance.

As far as I know it’s considered an ‘upgrade’ so you would go from 20GB to 128GB not 20GB+128GB. Support team, correct me if I’m wrong.

Hi @Cabnedor it will be 128 Gb and not 20 + 128 as also mentioned by @b3pio . It is the same process for all cloud storage options available on the net to the best of my knowledge.