2020 will be the year of alternative OS!

Hey Guys - so this is the year where it all kicks off for alternative phone OS’s driven by open source security …


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Cool. I have fond memories of the “Year of the Linux Desktop”, so let’s see whether the alternative OS will burn the phrase in the same way, or whether it will live up to the hype.

Interestingly, the author seems to like Sailfish OS, giving it some more text compared to the others, and quoting himself as a testimonial for it :slight_smile: .


Nothing about /e/ OS !!! :rage:

It gave me the perception of a “copy/paste” article…

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Nothing about /e/ OS on privacytools either…?

It’s incredible!!! :scream:

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e should have a look at glodroid, which project brings android 10 to the PinePhone.

It’s strange that article did not mention e, the author could have at least written about it on the Fairphone.

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