23 Europe based cloud technologies join hands

23 European cloud technology companies come together to form European Cloud Industrial Alliance (EUCLIDIA)
and yes w/e/ are a part of it :slight_smile:

Read in detail Press Relase: 23 European Cloud Technology Companies form the European Cloud Industrial Alliance (EUCLIDIA)

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So, โ€œE-CORPโ€ as mentioned on the site will be the new brand name? :wink:

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From one trademark conflict (eelloo) to another (Mr. Robotโ€™s E-Corp). Lol!

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I believe there could be subset companies entities under an โ€œE-Corpโ€ with different names.

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Like the idea and arguments for such an alliance. Great to see you are thinking big and are aware of what matters to get heared / make progress with your vision. Good luck :muscle: :rocket:


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