4G not available as Preferred Network Type and LTE+ is pretty slow

Hello everyone,

I noticed from the Settings > SIM card > Preferred Network Type that the standard 2G / 3G / 4G are not available, I have lots of other choices instead (see attached image): GSM / LTE / CDMA.

Are these network types the only choice in LineageOS?

Thanks for your support and have a nice week-end,

William (HK)

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The top two choices shown with LTE would/should be the equivalent of 4G. So if you’re data icon in the status bar shows LTE then you have 4G (LTE and HSPA+ are 4G technologies).
You should be good to go. Not sure about the speed issues though.

Hello Marc,

Thanks for your reply.
That confirms my web research, I am just surprised by the network speed difference before and after switching to /e/.



Hi @William_HK pl can you share what is the speed difference you have observed after switching to /e/ …is it better, equal or worse.

Hello @Manoj,

The internet speed from my 4G sim card is a lot slower and sending images or updating apps is a lot more difficult.
I am wondering if this happened to other users too.



Not sure how to troubleshoot that. Maybe check the APN settings for your provider. If in your APN settings you see IPv4/IPv6, maybe try changing it to just IPv6 or IPv4 (if still supported by your carrier). On all of my ROMs I still use the latter. T-Mobile in the U.S.

As far as other users input, specify details so those with a matching setup can chime in. Device, /e/OS build, carrier used, etc.

Regarding Preferred Network Type, I have a lot of choices. Where Global is available I usually choose that over GSM/WCDMA/LTE or even just LTE.
Try out a few things and see if anything improves.

Hello @marcdw,

Thanks for your awesome support, I noticed today that it was another wrong analysis from me (my bad again).
I used the LTE from another area and the internet speed was very fast (like 4G before switching to /e/.



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