A little rework for the cLock widget / feature improvement


I am a happy /e/ user on my degoogled FP3. I really like the build-in cLock widget and it’s capability of nicely showing the weather and calender events. The latter sadly does not really work for me. Calender events are only shown if I resize the widget to half the screen size, which is not very feasible and aesthetically not convincing. Having to blow up the cLock widget that much seems unnecessary, even more so as calender events are then shown over two rows of the screen, but disappear if I make the widget one row smaller (I’m using Mi Launcher). I’m not into programming, but perhaps its just a little bit of easy code that would make resizing the widget behave different. If you have the time it would be nice if somebody would look into it.

Thanks for your time & effort

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This is why I use an app called “Todo Agenda for Android” which provides (despite it’s name) a widget for the calendar events (especially without the idiotic big clock). This widget is very handy and much better configurable than cLock.

There are also other calendar widgets you can install from Apps, search for “widget”.