About the Find Local Support category

Want to flash /e/ on your smartphone but do not want to do it yourself ?

Find someone in your area who can help you.

This is where we will add details of users in your locality , who have volunteered to help flash /e/OS on your phone.

Please note This service is entirely voluntary and is performed by users on their own initiative.

  • /e/ does not have any local support teams as yet. As a first step users who have experience of flashing devices are offering to help new users / existing users flash /e/OS on their phones

  • e.foundation will not be monitoring the interaction between users and local volunteers and does not have any responsibility in this activity

  • Please be sure you trust the users with your phone before proceeding.

Users who want to help new users install /e/OS on their phones can share their details in this spreadsheet
Users who want help can browse the spreadsheet for support in your area.


Hi @Manoj
just added my Session Messenger ID and e.Community contact for France
Please note I changed a bit the format of excel file, a backup is in the Backup tab in case you want to revert it back

Thanks for adding your details to the sheet and modifying it.

hi all,

i wanted to high light this topic,

i like this idea, but it has only 300 views for a year, and i have no request by this canal,
i had three, but by other way :
one from an announcement i made on /www.leboncoin.fr ( french second hand market ) i do guidance by phone call, and the guy make a donation to /e/
and two requests ( not concretised ) from there :
[OFFER] Je veux fournir des appareils de seconde main avec /e/OS pré-installés
for information in one year have resold only one /e/-galaxy-s4 and two /e/-galaxy-s4mini to some friends