Account necessity

I’m having trouble understanding the need for accounts. I am a novice and managed to get help to install e/ on my Fairphone. I thought I could use the phone’s apps without registering an account, and the idea is to avoid using a Google account, but alas, an account is required to enter anything into the calendar. The e/ account does not seem to be sufficient

Also, if I reset my device, would I lose the e/os?

Any help much appreciated

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Although this isn’t a solution for the default calendar, which I don’t use, one option is to download a different calendar app, such as Simple Calendar, from the store.

I also use a different launcher (OpenLauncher), which allows me to hide unwanted apps, like the default calendar.

I believe an enhancement to /e/OS is planned that will allow easy removal of pre-installed apps, as well.

Hi @adamj, from Calendar > Settings you can add offline calendar.

This will work fine with no cloud connection.

If you want to make a fresh start, you can use System > Advanced > Reset options. There are a few options, with the most drastic, Erase all data, you will not lose /e/OS.

You sound as if you may want to explore a device with no account and no cloud. This is perfectly possible with minimal change from /e/ as delivered.

You do not even have to follow this path, but Simple Mobile Tools mentioned by @Taurus offers a range of uncomplicated apps which would easily give you experience of deviating (slightly) from /e/ and exploring the width of change you can actually make in your journey from novice.

Bon chance

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Thank you, yes I see alternative apps are available, but it would be nice to see the apps provided by e/ working properly. The suggestion about using an offline calendar was helpful!

HI @aibd,

this is pretty interesting, since when I tried (with an old version of /e/OS), that option seemed not to be available in Etar, and I successfully used some applications from F-Droid to set up an offline calendar (see Calendar : any offline option? - #9 by sonyxa2).
I am pretty glad to see that now it is possible to do it within /e/OS (although the problem could be easily overcome thanks to F-Droid). But just to add a confirmation for @adamj, yes, it is possible to have an /e/OS phone without any cloud syncronisation.

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I think there is a “accountless” HOWTO waiting to be written? but one piece is missing:

Upstream had work done on local account and offline use - kind of contrary to its name, as it is a dedicated nextcloud notes app - but nonetheless, lots of users asked in their tracker and here.

If it is re-forked and /e/ patches applied on top the no-account use case can be fulfilled for all default apps that have no obvious account background (Mail). Tasks can handle offline tasks.

Since backlog#1716 docs mention explicitly that an account is not a requirement.