AccountManager jtx Board support

In the AccountManager you can select “jtx Board” as the Tasks app you want use. But as the developer of jtx Board stated, this functionality has been removed from this DavX5 fork.

For me it would be no problem to use DavX5 instead, if I knew the consequences regarding the Murena account integration into the sytem when removing it from AccountManager. E.g. I don’t know if the file sync will then still work.

jtx is interesting - you should post this to the e gitlab - Report an issue

if you have issues creating the account, the later section howto still register

Thanks for the reply, I created an issue.

Regarding the account integration: Is there any documentation on the advantages of using AccountManager instead of DAVx5? I know e.g. that some files were suddenly synced to the cloud supposedly because of AccountManager, but this does not seem to work anymore.

I compared the e-fork main branch to the current davx5-ose - not too different, it’s lagging by a few versions - the jtx files are present. Maybe it really is due to the package name, haven’t looked at that mechanism.

I’m not a fan of the prebuilt lfs apk repo how /e/ prepares the image-updates, makes it hard to see what version an app was… so I’m not sure what shipped in 1.6