Ad blocking and anti-tracking

As many other people I hate ads and being tracked by OS, browsers and sites. So my question is what should I use on my PC and on my phone? I use Ubuntu with Firefox on my PC and Color OS and Google Chrome/Samsung Internet on my phone. But unfortunately my phone (Oppo A3s has locked bootloader without ability of being unlocked). But maybe I’m wrong and situation changed, please, correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve heard about PureOS but unfortunately I can’t use it because I have Intel 8265AC Wi-Fi card which requires non-free drivers.

I recommend pi-hole, a network wide add-blocker. web. I use it also outside my home, using a vpn connection with dns pointing to my pi-hole at home. Even works with 3/4G

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Unfortunately the site is blocked in my country. But I used VPN to open it and it says I need static IP for that but my ISP gives dynamic IP by default.

When using someone like, there are clients which will update ich ‘home’ IP to no-ip-org. So you can use your own domain from no-ip to get allways connected

That’s the solution I use to access my home server.

I use uBlock Origin, Available on Mobile too.
And HTTPS Everywhere It allows me to check if it is safe to have a login on websites. When you set “Encrypt all sites eligible” to “on” and you cannot enter that site, never have an account there. It isn’t safe.
And NoScript security suite That allows me to decide what scripting from what site to trust. Some websites have a whole bunch of scripting from other websites running on them. It requires getting used to.
HTTPS Everywhere and NoScript are included by default in Tor browser, on Mobile too.
Check your preferred browser to see what extensions or add-ons are available.
And as a EU citizen I also need “I don’t care about cookies” due to the shitty EU cookie laws. Because I delete all cookies automated by closing a browse session, these annoying EU cookie warnings and privacy pages return every visit, “I don’t care about cookies” blocks them and checks “allow only essential cookies” by default.

On my PC I use QubesOS on which I have configured several VMses for work, personal data, google and facebook, USB devices and onion web. Some VMses go to the internet through VPN and other direct. This helps me to isolate each part of my electronic life from each other.
On my Phone I use /e/ and some addictional apps from the market. But I dont use any FB, google or aby social apps, and I avoid apps that have any trackers. I find it quite good for me to have less apps than before. I also use VPN on my phone.

Hi @Ogniwo thanks for the reply. Which VPN do you use? I need something that doesn’t require registration.

I use Mullvad. It does not require registration and accepts various payment menthods.

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I’m using ProtonVPN. It.s free and open source

Free account would be good to start using VPN. Or evevn enough for one device.

Hi, I would recommend checking the blog restore privacy (, i have found it to be very informative in regards to privacy topics. They have good comparatives for VPNs, browsers, mail services, etc etc. They also seem to be quite objetive in their test and they actually go deep into researching the companys and privacy policies of the different companys and sevices.

I would recommend to everybody to check their guide to correctly configure firefox settings, because they go quite deep in the about:config and explain everthing quite well.

I have also found useful indications to decide my current VPN and mail services.

I would say they seem neutral in regards to recommending any services and actually they strongly recommend you to choose depending on how trusty each service, company, actions and history seem to you.

To summarize: a lot of comparisons and info for a lot of services, browsers, even routers guides for vpn… It deserves spending some time there checking different aspects of your privacy.

Don’t use your own DNS server, you will be used as DDOS amplifier. I don’t know how they discovered my open DNS port 53 so fast.

there are crawler on the web which are searching 24 hours the day for open ports :frowning: