Adding dates, e.g. birthday, to contacts on local phone account?

Hi there, Quick question: is there a way to add dates to a contact which is held locally on the phone, i.e. in the local phone account? It would be great to be able to add birthdays and other events this way to a contact. Such a date/event field in a contact is available for contacts that are imported from/synced with e.g. a google account, but apparently not if one prefers to keep one’s contacts locally on the phone only. Many thanks and looking forward to hearing from you, PM

I can’t find this graph in the Goo9Ie Contacts (the stock contacts app for AOSP and eOS), but birthdays are definitely presented in the Simple Contacts. You can also add the Simple Calendar for better integration.

At the moment this is not possible. This is a known bug:

Thanks for the quick response, was worried that it may be a bug… I’ve just added my vote to the issues page. Let’s hope more people do that and this feature gets added soon.