Administrating several phones

Hello e community,

We are organising a support and help group for Ukraine.
So we will have 5 smartphones for people who are travelling or organising. I think about setting them up with /e is there a way to administrating them? (Installing apps like signal sharing contacts ect. in one time)


Users can set this up on their own initiative.There will be multiple such causes around the world at any given point of time and getting involved in one will require participation in others as well. We as an organization can not be involved in any activity which is political in nature.

Yes yes, I understand. But I mean that it would be me the admin and the question is if I could use the buisness profile function or something like that?

You cannot use /e/OS’s name for such activities as we are not officially or unofficially participating in this activity. What you are doing is in your individual capacity and not as a representative of /e/OS.

Ok I see, we won’t use /e. But actuality it is a tecnical question. I understood that it is not wellseen to discuss political questions in this forum.
So how would it work to manage several phones with the buisnessprofile fonction?

Trying to do a search for what I think you want to accomplish. Not sure but that sounds like something under the Android Device Management / Mobile Device Management / Android Enterprise Management area. Usually something businesses use. Much larger in scope than what you need.

For a small group management I can’t find anything offhand. There’s a MDM app on F-Droid but still probably more than needed.

Since you mentioned only about 5 phones I figure they could all be setup manually with the apps you want/need them to use. Set up the messaging tools best suited for communicating no matter where they are. Whether or not they require phone numbers (Signal) or something else. SIP/VoIP (calls, messaging, video) without needing SIMs or maybe Briar (“Secure messaging, anywhere”).

For those who know about this sort of thing you’ll have to provide more of an example of what you mean by “administering”.

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