Adoptable Storage on Android Q - Storage management

Quick question about Adoptable Storage on the new Android 10 q v.0.13.
Is this supose to work?

If yes, I think it’s very bugy.

If not, how do you do, that not every data is stored on the internal disk space? I have a 128gb sd card but I don’t know how to use it properly.

Thanks for the help

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Because I’m new to the android world, I don’t know if adoptable storage is something that people use or do not use.

If someone could share his experience?

I’ve seen so many SD cards fail in dumb phones, smart phones, RasPis, etc. I wouldn’t use them as adoptable storage.

For me it works really well to put my MP3 collection on the SD card of my phone. Even if it does break down at some point, nothing really important is lost as I have copies on my PC and backup media.


I would like to save as much data as possible to my sd card.
How can I save my pictures and videos automaticly to my sd card? I use open camera and I put this path in content://

But it still save the picture in the internal storage in the dcim folder.

What other datas do you save onto the sd card exept of music, video and fotos (if possible)?

Damm I just manage to do it. It’s prety easy.
Tick Use storage access framework. And then it saves it to my sd card.

Is this recommended to do or not?
I do anyway an instant upload through nc. So my pictures are instantly backupt to my nas.