Adoptable Storage

Hi Guys,

I would like to clarify if /e/ os has adoptable storage enabled by default.

Or if its not, is there a way to enable it?


hi @spg, not sure what you mean by adoptable. Assuming it is storage which can be customized.
The default storage is on ecloud which is enabled when you setup with your /e/ Id and password. Alternate is you can set up your own nextcloud storage and use it to store your data.

As you can see in the screen shot below - this screen comes up when you set up /e/ the first time - enter /e/ details here and you get the default storage on ecloud
To use your own next cloud enter url in the server url you see in the screen below

Update: Original text removed because the topic missed.

@Manoj Adoptable storage on Android is the concept of using SD card storage as if it was internal storage. Not all Android versions or manufacturers support it. More details here

Thanks for pointing that out. Was not aware of that.

Samsung and LG are not proponents of Adoptable Storage.

Samsung, for example, decided against Adoptable Storage for the Galaxy S7. However, this can be activated at any time via the developer mode.

My Samsung S5 can allocate the complete memory of a 256 GB microSD™ card to the internal memory under LineageOS, although “officially only” up to 128 GB is supported.

LG also deactivated the Adoptable Storage function on the G3 d855 under Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. With /e/ OS, a 128 GB microSD™ card is accepted, formatted and, if desired, configured as internal memory.

Can you provide screenshots of the adoptable storage option within /e/ OS?

You trust pictures more than my words? What do you intend to see?

I trust your words. I just want to see those settings because I don’t have the /e/ OS on my phone.

I’m sorry if I offended you.

Anyways thanks for the info.

Maybe these pictures will help you. If not, please ask precisely.

Hardware: LG G3 d855 + 128 GB microSDXC
Software: e-0.7-n-dev- (nougat)

Hi @archie

Yeah that’s what I need. Thank you.