Advanced privacy, new in e0S-1.0

hi, eOS-1.0 users and contributors,

On a GS290 originally shipped with eOS, the upgrade to eOS-1.0 comes with “advanced privacy”, as a new widget on the weather-page; I wish to have a minimum documentation of how this application works.

It seems to be more than a anti-tracker or anti-ads in the sole browser, but works for all the applications with connexions outside of the phone

Is it like the system against trackers that is inside Firefox, with a list of trackers that has to be updated, or does it performs through an external service, a server like a VPN or TOR, with the need of the net-connexion ?

I have noticed that “advanced-privacy” indicates the number of trackers discovered for each application, but I did’nt found any hint about what sort of trackers are implied, from where they come, nor the services that needs these trackers.

I have found “advanced privacy guard” on the net, wich is a Californian company, proposing essentially a VPN. Should the user have to subscribe to the service, like for the weather application ?

Does the introduction of this function induce that the applications originally in the phone, and the applications you can install by the App-lounge may have trackers, and be not innocents ?

thank you for your attention; brieucs.

You can check this topic with a lot of info/discussion

thank you ! I understand that “advanced-privacy” is not an application, so I have searched in the bad category; I will go to the discussion and read.

[edit] after reading some posts, I understand that there is a lot of things to know to properly use “advanced privacy”; for instance, it seems that it uses a VPN; but where is this VPN, in California ? when does it needs TOR ? Against what threats does “A.P.” protects your phone ?