Advice for FP3+ installation


I plan to install /e/OS on my friend’s FP3+ but I’m unsure about what is possible or not.

My friend’s device is running on Android 11 with Aug. 2022 security patch. According to the install doc, only the FP4 has an anti-rollback system so I shouldn’t get worried to install an /e/OS version with an older patch for the FP3+. Is that correct?

Also the Android 11 equivalent would be the 1.3-R build which is only available in the dev branch. The stable one is in Q. Should I wait for the migration from Q to R in the stable branch? Or should I better use the Q stable?

Thanks for your insights.

In the past I would have said yes, but with anti-rollback being a basic Android feature and my own original install made years ago before Android 11 was visible anywhere, I won’t stick my neck out that far currently. Better safe than sorry :wink: .

If you want to use the stable branch and if you are not in a hurry, I would say wait for stable R. This should probably be available way earlier than an OTA upgrade from Q to R (which then may work perfectly, or not).

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Sounds very reasonable thanks!

R has been available in the dev branch for almost a year now, if I’m not mistaken. Do you have any indication when the stable version will come? Wanted to switch the parents’ phones over last Christmas (apparently you can only use the FP3+ camera modules from Android R), but it didn’t come out then and I’m worried since another Christmas is approaching quickly. :slight_smile: