After updating to june version through updater, APPS CRASHING. HELPPPPP

Ive updated the night between 23 and 24 of june to last update of e-os , the way its done is a bit wrong cause there’s no rollback option.
I was sure everything was tested and i am very disappointed to find out that since the new update briar wont work and also molly ( - a secure version of signal .
they just keep crashing. in this way i have no access to my messsages. (!!!)

I would appriciate if you supply me with means to rollback to the previous version from october - otherwise i will need to reinstall from scratch and that is very painful.and maybe also i would not be able to access my messages - alrady lost the briar messages cause ive reinstalled hoping it will work after reinstalling.

im considering moving to other os… its one thing to publish some version that youre not sure about , its another thing to supply through the updater, screwing the main apps running and having no option to rollback.

device is s7 edge… (935F )