AFWall+ log reveals lots of connections to Google on One Plus devices



I personally don’t like Gitlab’s way of issue tracking as well. For all other aspects it is quite a great tooling. :slight_smile:

The idea of signing is to prove that the build is actually coming from legit sources / the orginal distributor/team and signing happens with a PRIVATE key that must not be shared.

You are right. Switching back and forth by dirty flashing “on top of incompatible data” just like that is not possible due to this. You could theoretically build a custom data migration zip however that is a bit advanced and depends on the level of your expertise and adventurousness.

Regarding firmware: /e/ 0.2 requires the latest 5.1.7 firmware as well. It is just the older Nougat-based /e/ 0.1 that requires older firmware. This downgrade is indeed somethign that is not very desirable. BTW, if I were you I would used firmware from original sources only ( unless you know the person who upped the ZIP.


I would like to, but I can find there only a new ROM, not a separate firmware and radio zip-file. Do I miss something again?


If I had an account at /e/, could I use it to backup my data out of lineageOS, then install /e/ and finally recover my data from that account?


For App-configuration and -user data, you need to have a look into each App if they provide a backup&restore functionality and follow their steps.

I am not aware of a way to backup&restore system settings between different OSs.

Pictures, Music, Video, … files can be synced from Lineage OS to your /e/-drive account by using the Netcloud Sync App. After installing /e/ you can sync the data from your /e/-drive account back to your device.
An other choice would be to sync these files from your Lineage OS device to your local computer and syncing it later to your /e/-device.


Which app did you use to see this ?


It is AFWall+. View log (switch to old view)