Aide a l'installation

Je viens de me procurer un samsung s9+ afin de profiter d’e project. J’utilise l’easy installer, hors je me retrouve bloqué lors du déverouillage OEM, je ne trouve pas l’option. Quelqu’un peut-il m’aider s’il vous plait ?
Bonne journée,

I just got a samsung s9 + in order to use e project. I use the easy installer, except I find myself blocked during the OEM unlocking, I cannot find the option. Can someone help me please?
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Hi @tonyboy welcome.

I think you need this page [HOWTO] Enable developer options and ADB/USB debugging :slight_smile:

It’s Good, thank you for your answer :smiley: <3 have a good day

You will install Oreo this way, (easy-installer)
Is that what you want ?