Alarm silent after complete shutdown/reboot

After upgrading to /e/os 1.4 I have the following issue:
I set an alarm for each day at a certain time. This works (alarm sounds) as long as the phone is not shutdown/restarted. After a restart though, the alarm shows on the display, but no sound is generated.
“Do Not Disturb” is not activated.
Way to reproduce:
Set an alarm in the near future and wait for it to activate. Result as expected: alarm shows on the display and sound is emitted.
Set an alarm in the near future, allowing for some time to shut down and reboot the phone. Do so. Result: alarm shows on the display, NO sound is emitted.
Phone: Fairphone 4 with /e/os 1.4 (September 20, 2022). Phone was originally installed by Murena.

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I have noticed similar behaviour on my phone, v1.4, Sony Xperia XA2.