An interview with Gaël Duval on Numericatous (French article)

(French article)

In this article, in French, Gaël Duval is interviewed about /e/ and he announces two interesting things: the V1 is confirmed, once again, for 2020, but also new reconditioned smartphones that will arrive in the same year.


Ugh ! I’m not the first :disappointed_relieved:

Nice interview, @gael!

Greetings to @gael !! Great interview, very convincing !

/e/ is only at the beginning of the dawn of it’s success which promises to be monumental.
I believe in /e/ and I’m convinced it will be a tremendous breakthrough in the balance of powers in mobile industry and data processing.

This is so exciting and it’s only the beginning.
Guys, never look back, and rise as fast as you can.
The rocket is in your hands.
Make it work.

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