An operating system / UI for older people: Nepos

There was a post in in the german section of this forum about
This is a company dedicated to creating UIs for older people.

Since /e/ tries to provide an OS and webservices, that are desirable enough for Mom, Dad and children, some of Nepos’ approaches might be interesting for from a usability perspective.

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Treating all “older people” as if they are all the same, is as bad as doing that to any other group of people you assume are all the same, but really are not.

While “for Mom, Dad and children” may sound humorous or sensible at first, when you think about it, it is a meaningless grouping.

You should be making the OS and services “accessible.” There are guidelines and standards for this, and I’ve heard almost no one meets the highest level requirements. It should also be easy to use, for anyone.

Yes, as a group, many “older people” have worse hearing or eyesight, or dexterity, etc. than “average,” but there are people with those issues at all ages.

So while I appreciate people improving “accessibility” and ease of use of products for everyone, saying it is for “older people,” or for “Mom, Dad and children” is not wise, and frankly is insulting, in my opinion.


Well worded! :smile: this is important.

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I’m one of the GrandDad’s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: that’s why I use a Mi Max2 with big screen :joy:

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And I thought shamu was a whale! :smiley:

Interesting to see my old whale can still keep up on a couple performance benchmark tests. I blame the marketing-driven change from 32 to 64 bit processors.

Thanks to the e-powers that be for changing this in the latest version of website! :+1: