Android 10 - When?

Hullo All

I own a Fairphone 3 and my partner recently got herself a FP3+. We’re both using E/os, but since installing it on her phone I am rather aching to get the Android 10 build on mine - most especially becauseI have a light sensitivity, and would be grateful to have notifications with white text on black background.

I thought there might be a chance that the latest update for the FP3 would be the Android 10 build, but alas no - and I unfortunately have neither the wit nor the time to try and upload it manually via the bootloader.

Is there any schedule under way? Even a rough idea of when to expect it would be helpful. . .

I am assuming you are referring to the stable FP3 build. There were some issues with the build due to which the release of the stable build has been delayed. We will share details on the forum when the stable build is released.