Android 12 breaks Outlook

After updating to /e/ OS S/ Android 12, Outlook lite stopped working.
Error displayed is: no network access.
Issue is also present with any outlook service including other email clients and even web access on a browser.
After checking things like VPN and Advanced Privacy, consulted w IT support at my work who informed me this is actually a known issue with Android 12 and Outlook and there is no fix. The only remedy is to update to Android 13.
Accordingly, anxiously awaiting the release of /e/ OS T.
If anyone had the same issue and found a solution, please let me know

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I had the same issue on my FP4.

I could fix it by clearing the cache of the “Browser” app, ensure that the tracker “Mobile Engagement” tracker is NOT blocked in “advanced Privacy”, and than try again (sometimes need to refresh the app several times until it get connected").

Yes! It behaves almost exactly the same as that error. I had the same issue on android 11 and the mobile engagement tracker fixed it. I had attempted to mention above that advanced privacy as not at fault this time. It’s a known issue w android and outlook not specific to /e/ os :frowning:

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