Android 12 on enchilada (OnePlus 6) (TLDR: broken)

I thought I would experiment with the latest dev image for S on enchilada, and right off the bat there are three big five minute bugs.

Firstly, there is only a back button. Doesn’t matter which layout you use, in gesture mode there is no “hint” bar and you cannot go home or do multitasking.

Secondly, you cannot swipe the notification bar down, so everything there is totally inaccessible.

Thirdly, mobile data did not want to connect. Every time I turned it on during the installer, it turned itself back off (except for Roaming, which kept turning itself back on), and I had to finish the installation and go to settings to get it to stay on.

Hopefully this can be helpful to someone, I don’t really know how to get logs or anything to be of more assistance.

UPDATE: The first two of these issues were fixed after rebooting. No idea if they will stay fixed. The third issue still seems to be working, it might have just been broken during the install.

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Update: after rebooting a couple times, it seems to be working properly. Still hesitant to call it fixed, but the old “power it off and on again” seems to have worked for the first two issues.

Update the second: I have been using Android S on this device for a bit over 25 hours now, and I have some more updates.

Firstly, the issue with the gestures and notification bar have not returned.

However, if after booting I connect to mobile data, and then wifi, and then attempt to switch back to mobile data, I will not have internet on mobile data until I reboot again, but for as long as I stay off of wifi, data seems to work. However, it could be an issue with my SIM card, as I had issues with data on my previous phone as well. I’m hopefully going to get a new card today, so I’ll update again if that changes things.

Oneplus 6 (A6003 6GB/64GB), /e/os 1.10 OTA from 1.9 (for 1 month), not the same issues

Some Apps will not work without Wifi (which is not a setting). Maybe because of blocking Tracking.

Notification Bar does not come down when sliding over Fingerprint scanner, pity.
Brightness Slider (Auto) will only work when Battery Saving is On. Otherwise use Extra Dim.