Android lets advertisers get a list of all your apps -- and this API feature

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Interesting that many open source programs also gather this information. I wonder if we could get Exodus/Classyshark to scan for this as well. Overall owning a mobile device just keeps looking worse and worse.

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I just read this too.

Can /e/ block the packageName API call? Or more widely require a permission to use these APIs?

Here’s the link to the original paper:

Android stinks, I’m beginning to think that a privacy focused version like /e/ or Volla OS might not be possible at all.

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I already knew every app could have the list of installed apps. If not, how would Aurora Store, Firewall, Magisk Manager (and a lot of open sourced app that can show a list of your apps) be able to show those installed apps ?
It’s really bad no permission exists for this, it can tell so much about you… The easy solution is to only install privacy focused apps.

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