Antenna Pod lockscreen controls

Re: /e/ 0.11, Android 9, FP3
It’s a minor issue, but …
I don’t need the little green notification “badge” (if that’s the right word) showing up on the Antenna Pod icon on my phone’s screen when a podcast has been updated, so I switched off notifications for Antenna Pod in the phone’s settings.
Through process of elimination I now know that this is what caused the problem, namely that the Antenna pod controls were no longer shown on the lockscreen.
The good news is, reactivating notifications immediately reactivates the Antenna Pod lockscreen feature.
The bad news: I constantly have a little exclamation point on the Antenna Pod icon. Not a huge problem, of course. :slight_smile:
Have a nice day, everyone. The sun just came out where I am! :sun_with_face:

Update – just a bit more detail:

In the phone settings under Apps and Notifications, there are six options (called categories) for Antenna Pod under Notifications. Only one of them causes the lockscreen controls to disappear when ‘unchecked’: the ‘Currently playing’ category. I suppose it’s a bit logical. But I don’t need that notification badge showing up on my homescreen, and I wish i could get rid of it! (But I get it if this is a low-priority issue.)