Antitrust action for uneasy rooting and moddable smartphone!

Not too far time ago European Antitrust fined Microsoft and\or some big hardware sotres for not let people buy PC and\or laptop without Microsoft’ OS (Windows xyz).
They also fined Microsoft for their preinstalled and not easy to replace browser.
Soon we may see Apple fined for the predefinited search engine (Google).

Why \e\ and iodè do not ask to the smartphones producer to not lock their device in order to let people choose what Android distribution to setup without wasting a lot of time ???

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


because smartphone producers will only abide by the law of the market they want to sell into, and the law is up to lawmakers that listen to their constituency. Voice your concern with your lawmaker or attach to an organization that does, in Europe that is the FSFE. /e/ foundation has been signatory to those efforts - - there were recent news on this too, checkout


that’s nice but I think that 3000 signature to the Germany’s parliament is not enought.

There is also ICE (

And most important there is an European Antitrust (hardware manufacturer are knoking out software manufacturer and citizen freedom by locking their device with their stock rom) !!!