Any plans to include Samsung Tablets to the Murena shop

This is a question to the Murena team, any plans to add a Samsung tablet (or any other tablet that is working well with eOS) to the Murena shop?
My experience with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e and Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite with eOS is very good and I use them stable since month.

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I support the request frm @ronnz98 .
I am looking forward to a /e/OS tablet (generic, I am not asking specifically for a Samsung, but if they work well with /e/OS … my needs: 10" / cellular / 3.5 mm jack / multi accounts with an administrator … perhaps I am asking too much …)

Thank you in advance

The devices we sell are either new or refurbished. The refurbished ones depend on the vendor being able to provide us a steady number of devices in A+ quality. The vendors of the new devices we sell do not manufacture tablets to the best of my knowledge. We could check with our vendors on the availability of Samsung tablets, but doubt they would be able to provide us a sizable number in good condition.


Thank you for your reply @Manoj.
Do you think that I should start looking for a tablet to install /e/OS myself, or shall I wait because there are still some (slim) hope?

I do not see a tablet rolling out with /e/OS pre-installed in the near future. We have an open issue with the Bliss Launcher refusing to working with tablets which needs to be fixed.

ok, thank you for your reply @Manoj

also thanks from my side. I think it would be good to consider to have an e OS tablet is stock as many people using smartphones with e OS would be eager to also use a tablet with this system

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I totally agree with @ronnz98 :blush:

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