Any plans to update G 2014 (titan)?


thanks a lot for all the work which has been put into supporting the G 2014 (titan). I am very grateful that 0.17 is available for that device.

Are there any plans to also provide 0.18 (and/or later releases)?

Kind regards

Every Device needs it maintainer :wink:

@kisman172, I am aware of that. That’s why I was asking whether there are any plans for future upgrades (rather than, for instance, demanding to have the device upgraded ASAP).

And I am pretty sure that – although everything is open source – you’d need to have some in-depth knowledge of how to build releases in general, of the peculiarities of that certain device, of how to turn it into an officially signed release, … So “just do it yourself if you want to have it” seems kind of unrealistic.

A big thank you to the kind person who apparently fixed something which made possible.

(As posting links to /e/'s own image repository is considered “spamming”, I won’t include the link here; you can construct it yourself from images dot ecloud dot global – then “dev” followed by “titan” and the above name of the image.)