Anyone having trouble syncing contacts and calendars with computer?

I’ve been using eCloud to synchronize my calendars and contacts between my phone and two Linux laptops. The phone seems to still be syncing, but both computers can suddenly no longer access the calendars or contacts.

Interestingly, I can still sync my files on the computers and check my email. I just can’t sync contacts or calendars. I get the following error:

Error resolving “”: Name or service not known

Both laptops are using the Gnome desktop with my information setup in Online Accounts.

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I sometimes see that error message if I have (temporarily) lost internet access

It’s definitely not internet connectivity. I may have discovered something else though.

It seems I still can’t get it working on the latest Gnome 43 that ships with openSUSE Tumbleweed. However, it is working on Pop OS, which uses an older, customized Gnome.

I’m wondering if the newest version of Gnome has a regression that’s causing the problem.

Could be. Calendar syncs ok with Mint 21 cinnamon.

I had the problem not with my main system which is fedora 36 with GNOME 42 but with the beta of fedora 37. First i thought it was a beta problem but then I found that instead of as server I have to write
Now it works

I went back to Pop OS on this machine and it now works perfectly again. Have no idea what the problem was, but at least I’m back in business.

Interestingly, I’m still using as the server.