APP has stopped / FIP Radio / Synology DSCam


some Apps are just not running well.
They close after start and keep doing so.

Fip radio Player
Synology DS Cam

Running 0.1-201812032139 on Essential PH1

Any suggestion?

@Pistou please can you create an issue for this on Gitlab since none of these apps are default it would be helpful if you could add some log files for the team to identify the reason for the app’s crashing .

As you may be aware you can generate logs by connecting your phone to a PC with adb enabled and running the command after you have tried executing these apps and seen the error message on the phone screen
adb logcat -d > logcat.txt
This would create a file called logcat in your current directory. Please attach the file to the issue report.


Will see if i can manage that

Synology app failed due to “google device registration” disabled in MicroG.
It works after enabling that option.
Fip still fail