APP LOUNGE does not run with cellular data off

Seems to me that App Lounge does not run when cellular data is turned off. And in case both WiFi and cellular is on then the data is downloaded via cellular connection. Does anybody expirience the same?

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Hi. Not for me, I have another problem. Is the data usage set correctly?

@jobal : in case you have another problem, why don’t you open your own thread?

Because I first want to clarify my problem… Indeed, App lounge now works for me.

Edit: possible misunderstandings… I try to explain:
in my first reply to you, I asked if your problem is consequence of your app settings. I didn’t ask you if my settings are correct.

You did not ask me…or I missed something

You’re right, I didn’t ask you. My English is very bad :pensive:. Maybe someone else will help you.

It seems to me that App Lounge requires a “very clear line”. DNS can be a blocker. There may be other issues.

No, I do not see that. Probably just a misconception.

I agree. After having justified Advanded Privacy to be more ‘exposed’ then transfer rates are getting better… :thinking:

I seem to have this issue, app lounge munched 200mb of mobile data and now I’ve restricted it to only WiFi it only wants to update Play apps, not F-Droid ones. My advanced privacy settings only block app trackers. What have you changed?

I set location:exposed and real ip adress: exposed .

You have to know that if you hide jour IP with advanced privacy, you use TOR network so it can be quite slow… But it’s normal