App Lounge doesn't start any more

Dear all,

since a little while, my app lounge isn’t starting any more. I have got a fairphone 4, did the systemupdate to 1.0 on 26 May. Afterwards, successfully installed some apps thtought the app lounge, but since a few days, app lounge isn’t working any more (it appears to start but then dissapears again without showing the app’s starte screen.).

Anybody knows what the problem might be?

Kind regards,

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I think it is connecte to advanced privacy. When I turn it completely off, app loung is starting again…

Maybe you have two things.

App Lounge has a known issue that you may have to do this:

Settings > Apps and notifications > Show all apps > top right, 3 dot menu > Show system > App Lounge > Storage > Clear storage/data.

I do not find that I store any data that I need saving, but it will go and I get a “fresh start”.

Meanwhile Advanced privacy which you might have " tested" might not (I speculate) stop all settings when you turn it off.

I do not really want Advanced privacy, I feel I have reasonable control over things with TrackerControl and my own judgement. So I turn it off. Maybe I have to Power down to enforce my decision. I do that.


Settings > Apps and notifications > Show all apps > top right, 3 dot menu > Show system > Advanced privacy > Storage > Clear storage/data.

Before writing this, I have done this.

All is running ok.


Thank you! Will check it out!

App Lounge isn’t working for me either when Advanced Privacy is on. I ended up disabling it and installing TrackerControl but I think it’s a bad UX having 2 OS features that don’t work together.