App Lounge: error when searching for updates when "Show common apps" is disabled in settings

Hi, yesterday I received on my Teracube 2E Emerald via OTA the 1.6r stable. It runs smoother and better than the 1.5r release. So thanks to the Team.

App Lounge runs faster too. Great! One minor issue I detected in App Lounge. When in the app settings, the setting “Show common aps” is disabled and you are looking for updates (manually) I receive an error which did not appear in the 1.5r release. It shows: “Error occurred while loading apps. This can be because server is not responding or other server error. Please retry…”.

When I enable in settings the “Show common apps” again, no error! For now it serves as a work-around.

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SOLVED, in update to 1.7r. Thanks to the dev-team!!