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Hi All,
I’ve had a problem with my Tide banking app since the upgrade to 1.5.1-s. It won’t log in and gives a message that “for security reasons the Tide app us unable to run on this device”.

I contacted Tide about it and they said I need to change my region on Google Play. Obviously we don’t have this on /e/OS so is there a way to set this in the App Lounge or somewhere?

I don’t want to tell them that I am not using vanilla android because I think they will just turn around and tell me they don’t support it.

Any help would be much appreciated as I no longer have a way to access my bank accounts (Tide is app only)

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You might first check if the /e/OS feature Advanced Privacy #Fake My Location is playing a negative part here. You may need to turn it off temporarily while you use App Lounge.

Thanks for your response. I have that feature turned off currently

Ok, in case Fake My Location may have been on previously, you might try

Settings > Apps and notifications > See all … apps > App Lounge > Storage & cache > Clear storage | Clear cache

Ofc we do not really know if “Region” is the blocker or just Tide support’s first guess !

Unfortunately Tide also suggested I try re-installing. So I deleted the app and tried to find it in App Lounge - it is no longer there!

Now I am really in trouble because I can’t even contact them without the app.

I’m thinking my only option now is to remove /e/ and go vanilla android! Not what I want to do at all

Panic over. I tried a few minutes later and the app was again visible in the Lounge. Strange that it wasn’t there when I checked earlier several times.

I have re-installed and it has now logged in. Phew!

Thanks for your help

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Ugh, Tide app has stopped working again since 1.6 upgrade. Exactly the same error but unfortunately re-installing the app hasn’t helped this time.
I can’t understand why the upgrade of /e/ would cause this problem just with this app?