App paswords do not work for email

Accessing my email via email apps using app passwords does not work, the authentication fails. My main password works, no problem. I would prefer to use app passwords though so that I do not expose my main password unnecessarily.

How I’ve gone about this:

I create the app password at and copy them into the password textbox in the email app. Then I click the done button on the ecloud settings page.

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might edit your title to “App pasword do not work for Email”

the app-passwords are generated within Nextcloud. I don’t think the mailapp (rainloop/snappymail) relies on that auth, see the comment at Adding an /e/ account using 2FA results in a connection error in Mail (#3724) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

application passwords are generated by Nextcloud and the mail server is currently not aware of them.

I didn’t meant to say you couldn’t file it as a separate bug too. It can be useful to set separate imap/smtp password differing to the normal account. This is a feature-request inside nextcloud/mail - but as said, murena is using rainloop or its successor snappymail