App requested, says "Already available" but cannot find it

from Apps Installer I’m able to install TinyCam Monitor Free “” but not the pro version “”

If I follow the request an app procedure it says “app already present”.

How is possible?

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Hi, try a search for “” in the App Lounge.

What do you mean?
App Lounge is another app to be installed on the smartphone?
I used the “standard” app a

I mean the default “app store”

Isn’t the first application the one you’re looking for?

AppLounge is the “new” version 2, Apps store, now available in and from from /e/ version 0.23.

I am running 0.23 on a new Teracube that I received on February 28 with preinstalled /e/. I do not see AppLounge in my current “Apps” app, nor can I find it on the App search Web page. I read elsewhere that it is on a “Developer” channel, which I do not know how to access, and I’m not sure that it’s a good idea to use it. I have also read that AppLounge should come with Version 1, which should be here in late May.

I also am confused by two apps that appear to have been requested long ago, and that do not appear. Instead of a mere “Not Found” message in the old “Apps” app, I get “Something Went Wrong,” with no hint what the “Something” might be.

This is not urgent for me, and I have the impression that a lot of things will clear up by the end of May. But it would be really helpful to have a complete authoritative statement from the /e/ staff regarding the state of the apps.

The information in this Missing apps topic appears to be relevant, and includes a statement from a user (not staff as far as I can tell) that the AppLounge is “on the DEV channel” and will soon be on the “STABLE channel.” That topic is closed, so there is no way to request clarification there.

I expect that these “channels” are different sources selectable for the Apps app, but I haven’t found any authoritative description, and without further encouragement I am very reluctant to use a DEV channel. Also, I don’t know how to set a “channel.”

Hi @odbol, I am not sure I can provide a full update. v2 apps I know has been in development and different levels of testing for some time. Probably the best link I can provide regarding v0.23 is this

I am not certain, but I think it is correct to say that users on the dev channel will see it first; maybe AppLounge is still “in development” and not really stable – this would explain a situation where users of the stable channel will see this at a later date than users of the dev channel.

I think it is hard for new users to decide whether to go for stable or dev ! I think you need some experience of /e/ to understand what might be going on for different builds and devices at any one time.

However, without over thinking it, many of us are drawn to either being up on the front line, or waiting to see how things pan out. Maybe it is also significant how individuals choose to expose themselves to the risks of even carrying a highly networked device around with them.

Edited response, “Setting” the channel really happens the day you commit to /e/ ! That is to say, one type of build was selected, stable in the event of a purchased Murena. It is really an advanced subject (in that it will involve a reinstall of /e/) to change to dev.

The “channels” are more easily understood as " Different Build Types" as explained here Different Build Types

ok, App Lounge is in “dev mode” but how can I get it and be finally able to install “” ?

Edit, Maybe your phone is running an older build and 0.23 will not be coming any time soon ? In which case the stable build is irrelevant to you.

You could try a different source, I see it is available on Amazon.

Sorry for the confusion, i wasn’t aware of different versions and thought the “App Lounge” is the default app store. I use /e/OS, i guess, around one and a half year now on a GS290. I’ve installed it once and then updated it via OTA-updates since, i never explicitly opt-in for a developer channel (maybe i can’t remind) or tried to switch channels.

For my old nexus 4 the last e/OS version is 0.17 :cry:
Can I install AppLounge manually

So I am guessing that you are running


A link to a current build App Lounge (v1.2-q) will exist; my guess is that it would be highly experimental to try to install it on Nougat.

As I see that I suggested Amazon store, did you check that out, or would it not suit?

How can I install “Amazon Store” on my e/OS smarthphone?

Well I never install non-essential apps :slight_smile:

With an Amazon account, and logged to it on the device, I can search for

Once found, I would expect to pay for it … it will be released … I download it … open the downloaded .apk … perhaps alter some settings to allow Browser to install from “unknown source” … or maybe App Lounge will have settings/permissions to offer to help (if this happens, it requires no intervention, other than to confim App Lounge to access the “file from unknown source” or so … I then expect the .apk to be installed.

I hope this helps.

Probably I miss to say that I already bought that app using Google Play.
Thanks for the support but in the end this phone will be used only as IpCam so not too much stuff to be spied by google.
I’ll move back to stock.