App shortcut-unable to delete it, crashes bliss launcher at attempt

Device: Redmi Note 3

Installed custom ROM for the first time (was very tense about bricking my old device).
Installed Whatsapp> don’t know how an app shortcut was created.
Now the shortcut won’t go. Bliss launcher stops working and restarts every time I try to remove it.

Not a straightforward solution I presume. Help or insights appreciated.

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You could create a log and report the issue.

I would also suggest you to clear Bliss Launcher data in order to reset it and see if the issue still occurs.

An alternative solution is to use a different launcher. My favourite is Lawnchair 2, but I have also used OpenLauncher. Both are more mature and less buggy products than Bliss (in my humble opinion).

Yeah, thanks for the solution. Though I did happen to fiddle and clear it myself ;). Did end up rearranging my icons but that’s not a big deal.

Thank you. Lets see how long my patience runs high with Bliss.


Can we use Shelter and have private shortcuts with Lawnchair 2 ?

I use Shelter with Lawnchair. I don’t know what private shortcuts are, or whether LC supports them.

I didn’t use a good expression, I meant : the shorcuts created by apps installed in shelter.

Then yes. I have WhatsApp installed in Shelter, and a shortcut to it on my home screen.

I have same issue with shortcut created from Transportr, it was already reported on gitlab.

Any way to remove the shortcut using Bliss?

I uninstalled the main app to prove, but Bliss crashed again, resulting in the app uninstalled but not still the shortcut.

Clear app data cache. The layout will be refreshed.

Which app, Transportr or Bliss?

Bliss. The launcher.

Thanks! Deleting the app data removed all shortcuts, partly a problem, and disordered all my configurations, but worked!