App store crashes and can't install applications on Google Pixel (sailfish) after update to 0.9-2020051454091


I am unable to install applications from the app store since I’ve updated to the latest /e/ version (0.9-2020051454091).

The App Store application crashes after download of the application that you want to install / update.

Anyone experiencing the same issue? Everything was working fine before the update.


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could you pls try wiping cash and storage of App Store under Device Settings / Apps ?


Thanks for your answer. I deleted both cache and storage. I was able to update an application, but Apps still crashes when I try to install a new application.

In this case I updated Nexcloud Deck and tried to install Firefox.


OK, that’s bad news. But I have a good news :slight_smile: With next a the V2 of Apps store will be available and I hope it will solve your issue.

Til than, pls download needed apps via Aurora from F-droid

I think the v2 comes with /e/ 0.9 so I guess gdeflau is already on the new version of the Apps store.

I thought there is coming a new, better one
Hello, in this week’s newsletter:

  • the new Apps installer v2 is now available in /e/OS. More apps, updated faster and web applications! Update now…
  • /e/-Fairphone 3 have started to ship, now in stock.

No, this newsletter doesn’t mention another Apps update. It just says that the V2 has been out.

Ok, my bad.sorry …

Here is the issue on the gitlab :

You can add a comment with the information you provided here.

Just added a comment to the issue. Thanks for support. Let’s hope this has an easy fix! Cheers,

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