App Store Error?

Hi there, I have tested the e/ app store on moto e and now on moto g and the telegram app won’t install. I tried downloading from fossdroid and also apkpure websites but it says app is not compatible. Is my problem with using an older version of android and trying to install newer apps?

Which android version are you using?

This is the 0.7-2019110930132 dev build from the download page.

Moto G

Android 7.1.2

This install just hangs. Doesn’t even show me percentage of download.

I just downloaded the f-droid apk from their website and it installed but not from the e/store. :frowning:

And I could download and install telegram from the f-droid store. I am in the UK and not using VPN. Just newly flashed ROM.

Hi @Freddie the App Store has issues with installation of some apps. Have asked development team to check if we could put out some message as to why the installation is not working so that user is not left guessing.

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If your moto G has a Snapdragon 400, it’s a 32 bit smartphone, and therefore is not compatible with 64-bit only apps (Arm64-v8).
The same is happening with Galaxy S4-mini.
The /e/ app installer will add support to 32 bits apps before the end of the year.

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My phone is an armeabi-v7a (so 32 bits) and F-Droid has been installed correctly.

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Thanks for your help.

Okay, I’ll hold out a bit. I have now got e/ running on my mi a1 and the app store seems to work just fine. :heart_eyes: