Applications with privacy 0/10

Hello everyone
I’m new and it’s my fist day with e/os but i’m pretty veteran on forums.
I’ve tried to give a search but i found anything about my questions…
I wanted to put apps like Paypal as I’ve an account there but i saw they have privacy 0/10 so what this mean?
If i download and use those apps, will I be tracked only for what I do on those apps or can I be tracked also on others?

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The privacy rating is for that app only. You should also see a list of the various trackers that the app has built in. But you won’t know for sure what kind of metrics the app is sending, for example, location, usage patterns, etc. So pay attention to the permissions it wants and disallow them in the phone’s permission settings.

One application’s data tracking won’t bleed into other apps or the OS, however it will potentially run in the background even when you’re not actively using the app. One thing you can do if you decide to install the app is to also install a tracker-blocking app like Blokada 5, TrackerControl, Netguard, etc. When you see the Paypal app is making connections you don’t like, block them in the tracker-blocking app (if it hasn’t already blocked them automatically) and see if the app still works fine without the tracker(s). That should at least give you more control when using privacy-abusing applications.

From Exodus Privacy website/app checker: εxodus

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One thing should be clear: deciding oneself to use an /e/ smart phone for the declared reason to get more privacy must also be a decision to get rid of big data companies. If you have now an /e/ smart phone and continue using PayPal or Amazon or Gmail or all this damned crap you will make almost no effort related to your personal privacy at all. Nobody knows what these companies do with your data, or what happens with these data in two or five years, who sells them, who buys them, who steals them. You must stop producing these data, that’s the only key you have in your hand.


And a better option is, if you feel you must use those services, to use the website instead of the app. Apps are frequently designed with maximum tracking of you as the goal; why do you think banks, media, shopping sites, etc., push you so hard to install their apps? It’s not to make your life easier. At least with a (privacy-respecting) web browser you can install Ublock Origin, Privacy Badger, or NoScript extensions and stop most tracking and advertising scripts from even running.

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I do agree with you and I’m ok to get rid of apps that track too much but I’m moving from a phone where I could use everything and now I’ll switch to more privacy caring apps.
However I’ve to do it gradually as I would like to use only 1 phone. Blocking some trackers with the apps mentioned by Taurus is still better than nothing as they will get less data.

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