Apps (/e/-app-store) doesn't work with expressvpn

Hey fellow e users,
this is my first post, so hello you all! (:

I resently set up /e/ and startend with installing fdroid and Aurora store (just in case i wouldn’t find everything in the /e/-app-store)

Afterwards i installed expressvpn and found that the e appstore showed “connection not possible. Please check Internet connection and try again”. (A german Server was choosen as vpn location)

All other apps (including fdroid and aurora) were connected to the Internet.

Does anybody know, why this happend?

Greetings ffbb

Blacklisted in your VPN?
Maybe you can whitelist it.

I couldn’t find any black or whitelist in the expressvpn settings nor a hint to it on google.

is it possible that its not my vpn, but the app store that causes the problem because it detects that i’m using a vpn?

Maybe, i don’t use the APP store so i have no experience with it. For me, the app store is snake oil…