Apps lose data after update

I have a problem, which especially is annoying with Firefox and Nuki. They both lose there settings after upgrading, it’s like ereasing the storage for the apps. I have to set up Firefox after every update and in the Nuki app my smart lock is gone (which is very annoying). It seems like all the settings are wiped with an update of the app. I already moved the apps to the SD Card and to the internal storage, same problem on both. I even already spoke to the Nuki support, but they could not help either.

Maybe other users have such problems, too, and found a solution? Maybe a wrong setting with the “store for private data” (if there is such thing)? Any hints?

Thank you.

It’s strange indeed, as data and binaries are stored separately ! :scream_cat:

Maybe the installer is forcing apps to stop, then their storage get corrupted ?
Next time, I’ll try to reboot device just before upgrading apps …

Not sure if this really is the problem, but it’s worth a try. I’ll stop the apps before installing the next updates, maybe it really helps.