Apps started crashing on my phone (again)


Not long ago, I had issues with some apps crashing on my phone. The whole thing started just like out of the blue:

I did a factory reset then and set up my phone from scratch. Since then I have had a system update and things were working nicely until the issue presented itself once again.

I have reset the apps by deleting thier cache and storage, force stopped them, reinstalled them. All to no avail.

Is there any way I could troubleshoot this issue? I find another factory reset quite tedious once again at this stage knowing that It won’t be a guarantee for the issue to not repeat itself in the future.

Here is a list of some apps which don’t work. These are apps that I regularly use:

Asus Router (Aurora Store)

AntennaPod, DuckDuckGo Browser, Habits, Tutanota ( all from F-Droid)

Mail (preinstalled from /e/OS)

I would truly appreciate your help to resolve this issue.

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It seems that the issue is resolved (for now?).
I uninstalled all the above mentioned apps. Cleared Dalvik and system cache. Rebooted back into system and reinstalled them again. They seem to be working now.

If anyone has some explanation for this or what I can look for if it happens again, I would be very grateful.