Appstore_ Adress


Im looking for the web-based app store can give me the adress?

Which app store would that be? There are many.

/e/… i see in the web i dont remenber where but /e/ is doing the app but there already exists an webversion.,…

The current status is that the /e/-appstore is still in development and not yet available - both webversion and app.
Have a look here for the latest announcement:

A few alternatives are:


doing the tests

Thanks markus,

an obs about apkpure… e tested yesterday an this store (app) said to me that my google play needs to update… woo i never instaled nothing off google …

i will install again an made an print screen to post.

its normal?

[quote=“Carloscorreia, post:6, topic:1070”]
s about ap

theres no google playstore intalled on the mobile…

can explain this?

In the Telegram support channel on 2018-10-31 somebody else mentioned, that he saw an update of Google Play Services on his device.
He got the reply that microg and google play services have the same package name.