Are Aurora and Yalp still down?

Still no luck for those of us who like to login to their app stores anonymously?

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no way, aurora is still down. g-devil is fighting against anonymous access :japanese_goblin::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

What is the alternative?

Create a new gmail account with a fake name from a computer at the library?

How long has this been going on? Only noticed this morning

Probably about 3 days ?

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no, never !!! Google will collect all your data !!!

for informations about aurora, pls join the aurora telegram group

ok, but… How do we find it ?


you know the group search function of telegram ? :wink:

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no, I seldom use Telegram. Thanks for the link.

on left upper site is a search field the you can input your query and telegram will search for a group or inside he active group for the input

G°° didn’t remove his motto “Don’t be evil” from his code of conduct for nothing. G°° is obsessed with the comprehensive control of the WWW. The fight against the Internet giants is a mammoth task.


Loks like nothing change since then. Aurora is still KO whatever identification you use: anonymous or google account. For google account Aurora doesn’t recognize the pwd. I tried with several google accounts without any success. Unfortunately Yalp Store is also KO. So I am stuck and have no idea how to update the apps that /e/ Apps is not able to handle!!! :frowning:

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I have created a special g-devil account, using an old Galaxy S4mini device only for that purpose. At that phone I have downloded all interesting PlayStore apps, and I can keep it there up to date. But off course, it is quite uncomfortable to copy the updated apps from the S4mini to my normaly used phone. I have to find a way to get this job done easily. Do you have any idea?

use raccoon on your PC. It has also access to play store :slight_smile:

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This looks great, I had no idea about this, thanks!

Here’s an impolite answer: Use apps from f-droid :wink:

Interesting for privacy, but unlike Yalp or Aurora, you still need a Google account.

Is there a (secure) way to download apk without Google account ?

I download on ApkMirror and Apkpure sometimes.

Create a new gmail account with a fake name from a computer at the library?

That’s humor, right? @Heiner method is the only working way I found, but that usually requires giving another phone number (if the old phone is only on WiFi).

Alternative - Say no to google & their apps.