Are Lenovo Tablets Good Candidates?

I am enjoying my first couple of weeks with my Teracube 2e.

I have had reasonable success installing Linux on some Laptops, but Mint makes that ridiculously easy, so I’m not convinced I have the technical ability to install a new OS on a phone or tablet without some support and a good installation candidate.

So an “easy installer” sounds like a good start. Is the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus a good tablet for the purpose?

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Hello, there is no ‘easy-installer’ for Lenovo M10 Plus. You can technically install /e/on a tablet but it would be a GSI for Lenovo. It took me hours to achieve it but it works quite well.

I would recommend the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus, it supports R dev and USB-C and installation of eOS is easier than for the Samsung Tablets

Thank you both for the input. Apologies for not replying sooner. I am researching.